Title – Plus Web Address Remarks
Product info Useful for beginners , lot of selected videos put together

New Website for Distributors Main website & back office for distributors

Synergy Worldwide
Website for distributors

Back-office,  Log In

Also go to the UK section- see top right hand corner.

When in your Back office make sure the flag in the left corner is The British Flag- or put cursor on The US flag and then click the UK Link.
Tips / Training etc
Lots of useful information to get started-including the Compensation plan

Current UK Web info Trisha & Johns Website for UK distributors
Customer / Distributor info site View Dr Prendergast & HDHI Study link

Diabetes Plus Various video links& Many other illnesses videos
Business Tools etc Lots of tools & marketing material
B Pro Cardio Technology

Testing Machine/Software

Ask An Expert, E mail questions on Health Matters (Synergy only)
Lots of Training info Lots of tools & learning
Heart Disease - Download free Videos & Info

Lots of information on various diseases.

Very good for your knowledge

Synergy Marketing Material Leaflets, Business cards etc
Advertising Leads

Paid Advertising for leads- See your team leader
Network Marketing

Understanding network marketing

Knowledge is King

Books, CDs, DVD for personal development.
CD:     Rich Dad Poor Dad,  The Business of The 21st Century,  
The Slight edge,  Dare to Dream & Work Win, Questions are the Answers,
Book:   Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Business of The 21st Century The Slight Edge

DVD: Various